Consultancy services for the design, implementation, integration, deployment and development of financial software for the entire range of Infor SunSystems 4 and 6 core modules, Query & Analysis and Professional Advantage solutions like iPOS, Contract & Service Billing, B4B, Collect, Bank Reconciliation and Advanced Inquiry.

Delivering contracted consultancy services for over 25 years.  Depth of product knowledge ensures we provide business focused and effective application design, implementation and development.

Avoiding the Quick Fix !

Have changes been made to one of your software solutions without full understanding of the impact on your business systems as a whole? Have the changes adversly affected processes, system integration, transaction processing or reporting?

We can help businesses to avoid making changes that cause processes to break and keep them running efficiently.

....... The impact on systems and data integrity can easily be misunderstood and result in the need for rogue procedures and processes that diminish efficiency, lose control of transactional accountability and break the audit trail.

Our expertise will give you confidence that by correcting one issue you will not create another.