Data Migration & Integration

Data Conversion, Enhancement, Mapping, Migration and Recovery

Bulk updates, mapping and migration for SunSystems and Professional Advantage data tables.

Re-mapping of live data to incorporate retrospective coding changes.

Maintain information continuity and audit trail from legacy system to new.

Retain historic data to provide essential comparative information and control for fixed asset, debtor, creditor and bank account analysis.

"Retention will probably be a legal requirement”

 SunSystems 4 and 6 and PA modules SQL Database Schemas - Click here to find out more

Move SunSystems and PA historic data into separate business units for historic reporting and analysis.

Create automatic extracts for integration into 3rd Party systems, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes.

Efficient extraction, analysis and remapping of data.

Full audit trail of data migration path from source to target can be provided.  Reconciliation of Source to Target records.